After hours of teaching in the classroom, most teachers are ready to retreat to the staff room for a short break away from their students. After grabbing a quick cup of coffee, most teachers are looking forward to sitting down in a comfy chair and put their feet up for a few well-deserved minutes.

Teaching can be a stressful occupation at the best of times, but with schools reopening after the coronavirus lockdown, it is bound to cause heightened anxiety and stress for both teachers and pupils.

While a return to more normal times is wanted by everyone, until the lockdown is completely lifted there will remain a concern over everyone’s wellbeing and health, as well as the importance of ensuring students are not getting behind with their schoolwork.

With enhanced hygiene procedures, rearranged furniture to allow for social distancing, regular COVID-19 testing, and the requirement for masks, the full return to normal is still some way off, and teachers will be able to look after our children’s futures better is they are themselves looked after.

Thankfully for teachers and teaching staff, the days when the staff room was equipped with back-breaking plastic chairs are truly gone. There is a wide range of comfortable, ergonomic, and stylish seating options available, from convenient and cheap to elaborate and exquisite.

But what makes for great staffroom chairs?



For some teachers, the staff room may seem no bigger than a supply cupboard. Not everyone can be blessed with a large and roomy lounge to escape to when the bell rings at the end of a lesson. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on seating. There is a wide range of chairs designed to fit into any size room.



Staffroom seats are seen as yet another expense the school has to bear. It would be nice to have a budget that allows for the free reign of an educational furniture catalogue, but many teachers will find that seating is a low priority for most schools.

While some lucky educators with larger budgets might have luxurious leather chairs, there are many options for those on a small budget, and without having to compromise on comfort or support.



The importance of colour and how it can affect us is much more well understood these days, and schools are no longer dull and lifeless places, but colourful, coordinated and designed with colour in mind.

If a staffroom displays a certain colour scheme, finding seating to match that scheme is important to create a sense of calm and relaxation.



Whether it's for kids or adults, all school furniture can take quite a punishing. Unfortunately, cutting costs and buying cheap chairs will only mean they break easier and more frequently. Chairs need to be fairly endurable to cope with the wear and tear they experience.


A wide range of choices

If you’re looking for educational furniture in the UK, then we have considered all the above points to provide a wide range of seating options, in a variety of colours and styles. Visit our website today to see our catalogue.