A new report has revealed that the poor state of local roads is the top worry for drivers around the UK, ahead of other issues such as bad driving on the part of other motorists, drivers using handheld phones and the aggressive behaviour of others on the road.

The RAC’s annual Report on Motoring found that the condition of local roads was the biggest concern for drivers, despite the big drop seen in car use at the start of the coronavirus crisis.

The research also highlighted a rise in the number of those who say the roads in their local areas have deteriorated, with 52 per cent saying that conditions are worse now than they were a year ago.

People in rural areas are more likely to say that local roads have worsened, as are older motorists. Those living in London and other cities believe their local roads are better in 2020 than they were in 2019, however.

Nicholas Lyes, RAC head of roads policy, commented on the findings, saying: “These findings are a big concern given that last year’s relatively mild winter should not, in normal circumstances, have led to a further decline in road surface quality.

“Usually, RAC patrols see the fewest number of pothole-related breakdowns in the third quarter which coincides with the summer, with volumes having dropped steadily from the high point recorded in the first three months of the year.”

He explained that, because of the pandemic, councils may not have been able to maintain their repair work, which has led to local roads suffering as a consequence.

Potholes and poor roads can cause serious damage to vehicles, affecting the tyres, wheels and steering alignment, making it more dangerous to drive. If you need Yorkshire tarmac contractors at the moment, get in touch with Sangwin today to see how we can help.