There are proposals to create a series of new footpaths and cycleways in Taunton as part of new green infrastructure that would help to open up the town and riverfront, Somerset County Gazette reported.

In its 2040 Vision document, Somerset West and Taunton Council unveiled its strategy for developing sites along the river. As part of this strategy, rights of way along the riverside will need to be upgraded, with the town intending to also introduce new paths and cycleways to encourage more people to walk or cycle.

Although the newspaper noted that large sections of the riverside are already accessible to walkers and cyclists, the council’s plans will mean that both sides of the river bank are fully accessible and will increase the scale of the existing network.

Also in the 2040 Vision document are plans for a number of car parks in Taunton town centre to be developed.

Speaking during a Facebook Live council leader Federica Smith-Roberts said that the proposals aren’t about being “anti-motorist” but rather to get everyone to consider how they use their cars.

“People need to look at how they change their ways of moving around that takes out the car,” she stated.

In his budget announcement earlier in March, chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the government would be setting up a bank with the aim of investing in green infrastructure, Argus Media reported.

The aim is for this bank to support £40 billion of investment in these kinds of projects.

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