British heavy machinery manufacturer JCB has asked the public to nominate the worst potholes in the UK, and vowed to fill in the three deepest for free.

Sunday Times Driving reported recently that JCB has unveiled a new vehicle that has been specifically designed to fix the UK’s ravaged roads, the PotholePro, a £165,000 heavy-duty machine that the manufacturer claims can fill in the largest of craters in under eight minutes.

Now the digger maker wants to prove how capable the new model is by filling in three of the UK’s deepest potholes for free, and has called upon the nation’s drivers to nominate the biggest and most damaging they have had the misfortune to come across.

The social media posts that were shared by JCB to tie in with National Pothole Day on Friday 15 January has already had hundreds of responses, with many highlighting the terrible potholes they have encountered on their travels.

Hundreds of people have responded to JCB on social media to post their recommendations for the worst potholes they've seen. But do you know of any that are bigger than those already submitted?

JCB has said it is committed to fulfilling its promise to fill in the three worst craters and is still seeking nominations so it can pick the three it wants to see fixed.

JCB’s Chief Innovation Officer Tim Burnhope said: “Potholes are an incredibly emotive topic and we've seen a huge interest in our PotholePro machine, not just from councils across the UK but from members of the public who have to live with this scourge on a daily basis.”

He added that since the launch of the PotholePro, the firm has been inundated with requests through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attend to the many dangerous potholes on UK roads, and decided to provide some consumer power by launching the search for Britain’s worst potholes.

“Our campaign is urging as many people as possible to send us pictures of potholes which cause them grief and those judged to be Britains three worst will get a visit from our PotholePro machine. At JCB we believe we have the solution - one that's been tried, tested and saves money for councils up and down the land,” he said.

JCB has made big claims about what the PotholePro is capable of, saying is the most efficient vehicle of its type, not only reducing the costs and time to fix the car-damaging craters but also cuts down on the emissions typically involved in the road repairs.

The PotholePro has already been conducting trials across Stoke-on-Trent, where it has been found to accelerate road repair times by 700 per cent.

Now, the manufacturer is looking for feedback from those living in Cornwall, recently named the pothole capital of the UK to post examples of shocking examples on their roads. According to a study by MoneySuperMarket, some 210,331 potholes have been reported to Cornwall Council in the last three years.

You can nominate potholes to JCB via their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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