Plant hire has long been common practice in the construction industry. Construction firms need heavy machinery to complete both large and small site operations, and hiring plant machinery has many benefits over purchasing.

Construction largely continues in the UK throughout the pandemic and construction companies, large and small, are cautious with their budgets during such an uncertain time, meaning that plant hire is economically preferable to the huge costs of buying heavy machinery. We look at some of the benefits of plant hire.


1. High-Quality Equipment

If you own a small construction company, just started out, or are just being cautious with your finances, it may be unfeasible to buy the latest equipment. Some firms may compromise instead and buy second-hand machinery that is not quite up to the specification needed or may be of questionable quality and reliability. 

Plant hire will allow your firm to use the latest equipment and machinery in the market for your project that you may not otherwise be able to afford. The equipment will always be maintained to the highest standard and ensured it is in optimum conditions, whic will greatly benefit your work. 

2. Depreciation and Storage

Even if you have splashed out and purchased the latest machinery, it will depreciate over time, losing value with regular use. Even if it doesn’t need replacement parts and repairs, you will have to budget for its replacement at some point in the future. 

Also, when the machinery is not being used, it will need storage, taking up valuable space in your premises. The equipment will also need proper storage to continue functioning properly, which will increase the costs. 

3. Flexibility

Plant hire allows you to scale up and down the project as needed. Plans can change on construction sites, and the plant needs may change with it. By hiring your heart machinery, you will be able to hire more or less equipment as you need throughout the project, also mitigating costly delays to the work. 


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