Project Crown Paints – machine moving/installationDownload PDF
Location: Sculcoates Lane, Hull
Client: Crown Paints
Project Value: £3,500
Package: Provision of Qualified Appointed Person and Riggers under Contract Lift Conditions, including all Equipment and “High-Value” Machine Insurance.
Project Detail:

In early November 2013 Crown Paints in Hull contacted Sangwin Plant Hire after a former successful removal of vessels from their factory in June 2013. Upon completion we were informed that they had been very impressed by both the work carried out and our professional attitude and as a result wanted to use us in the future for our specialist moving services.

Crown had purchased a filling machine which required placing in their factory. Sangwin Plant Hire did preparatory removal work to make a space for the machine over one weekend with a machine moving team. On the following Monday the new machine arrived on transport. It was very valuable at £500,000 and had to be carefully off loaded by the Sangwin Plant Hire team. The machine was successfully installed in the factory and all were congratulated for a professional job.

Following completion, Crown Paints gave Sangwin Plant Hire two further projects to carry out in December 2013 and into the New Year. As well as carrying out work for Crown Paints in Hull we are also carrying out work for them in Lancashire, with further requirements to be discussed in the near future.

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