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Redi-Rock- Retaining Walls

Sangwin Concrete Products design, manufacture and build retaining structures using Redi-Rock modular block systems.

Redi-Rock is the leading BIG BLOCK engineered retaining wall system. Weighing up to 1, 130kg and equipped with an interlocking keyway and self-aligning knob and groove system, our blocks build better, higher walls with less space in less time. You won’t need tie backs or geo-grid reinforcement to hold back the earth when Redi-Rock’s concrete blocks are on the job.

Redi-Rock- Free Standing Walls

Redi-Rock’s attractive free standing blocks compliment any landscape. Turn the necessity of a guardrail, bridge abutment or security wall into a natural feature enhancing the landscape. Choose from a variety of textures, all easily integrated with Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks.


Not only are Redi-Rock’s base products rock solid, our steps columns and caps are all opportunities to enhance the landscape. Capture the “essence of natural stone”, all can be integrated with Redi-Rock retaining walls, or used on their own.

c-top block


Weight: 1225 lbs. | 46″ x 28″ x 18″ High | 5.75 sq. ft. of face


c-mid block


Weight: 2400 lbs. | 46″ x 41″ x 18″ High | 5.75 sq. ft. of face


c-bot block


Weight: 2500 lbs. | 46″ x 41″ x 18″ High | 5.75 sq. ft. of face

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