Precast Products

The Functional, Durable Choice

Sangwin Concrete Products is a major manufacturer of precast concrete products and our experience gives us the ability to provide solutions for any situation, combining strength and durability, with special products made to order.

During production the mix is placed into moulds which have been carefully prepared by our own skilled team of joiners. There are two types of mix – a semi-dry and a wet method.

Semi Dry Method

The semi-dry method is achieved on our Moffet Machine which is used to mass produce pig slats and fence posts.

Wet Method

The Wet Cast mix has a larger water content which means that it takes longer to cure and therefore has to stay in the mould longer. The texture on the wet mix product is much smoother than the semi-dry method. Only fence posts and pig slats come in a standard range and the rest of the products are all made to order. We have a large store of moulds from previous projects and wherever possible they are re-used on new projects.

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