Cast Stone

The Decorative, Architectural Choice

There are two methods of Making Cast stone; Dry Cast and Wet Cast, the chosen method depending upon the requirements or type of finish that the customer requires.

Dry Cast

The Dry Cast Finish is made in such a way as to resemble Natural Stone and is therefore very popular in houses where the use of cast stone for heads, cills, string course, pillar caps, coping and quoin blocks enhance the features of the building providing added value.

A number of varying colours can be created in Cast Stone using crushed rock, coloured cement, sand and/or additives. It is very important that care is taken in blending these materials to produce a homogenous colour.

Sangwin Concrete Products has its own skilled team of Joiners preparing the necessary moulds of timber and fibre glass. Dry Cast products are made face down in a two part mix with the craftsmen ensuring that during the production process the facing mix is hammered down to a minimum thickness of 20mm. As there is no slump for this mix, production using the same mould is faster than if it was being used for a Wet Cast mould.


Wet Cast

For more bespoke projects, Sangwin Concrete Products offers Wet Cast Concrete.  This production technique is more suitable for projects that demand the creation of individual pieces made to order, in line with a particular design or technical specification, as requested by the customer.

These products lend themselves well to projects which demand a deviation from the usual concrete forms Sangwin creates due to structural constraints and/or aesthetic reasons.

With Wet Cast Concrete, once the forms have been de-moulded, a textured finish can be achieved by using acid etching, hand rubbing, grinding or polishing techniques.

All our cast stone products are manufactured to British Standards BS 1217:2008 in a two part mix and a colour to suit your requirements.

Bespoke products are also available upon request and we would be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

Products are made using either standard moulds or special moulds.

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