Project Flood Defence Works at Priory Road Police StationDownload PDF
Location: Hull
Client: Humberside Police
Project Value: £640,000
Package: Flood Alleviation Works including Surface Water Attenuation, Site Wide Bund Works & SUDS Drainage Systems
Project Detail: This project was constructed in 2009. We entered into a design and build partnership to construct a bund and compensation lagoon to protect the asset that was submerged in the June floods of 2007.The original design was value engineered during tender stage to offer an alternative bid that was within budget and was a more environmentally friendly option within the design parameters laid down by the Environment Agency.The project work consisted of:

  • Installation of a plastic piled bund down to the glacial till level around the full perimeter (including two entrance roads of the Police Facility) 550m in length, ensuring no disruption to the police services or operations.
  • Changes to the proposed alignment of the bund to preserve trees and hedgerows. The lime trees that were removed were successfully planted in a new position.
  • Installation of an attenuation system to store 900m3 of water on site.
  • Construction of an off-site lagoon from plastic piles to store 5,500 litres of water.
  • Installation of an underground pump chamber.

Excavated material was retained and reused to form bunded areas.


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