Visions and Values

We are a family business with a solid history and a good story to tell over the last century of trading.
We have not survived the highs and lows of the economic cycles by coincidence, it has been the core family values of our business that has sustained us, with a strong emphasis on providing excellent service and products.  We have grown organically and investments made into the future of the business have all been made carefully so as not to put the Group at risk.  We have seen competitors race ahead and then to fall just as quickly.

We are still here, and that is where we intend to be for the next  generation.  We are lucky to have good staff who have been with us a long time and have been part of the Sangwin journey along the way.

We are also fortunate to have great and loyal customers, but we never forget the importance of looking after them and understanding their needs and ensuring that we can match them in all areas of safety, price, product, quality and service.


Nick Sangwin – Managing Director

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